A little Bit About Us…

Aromatech Flavours was founded over 30 years ago in the year 1989 by Byron Price, a man with an obsession for flavours.
Over the last 30 years Byron has shared his knowledge and zest to produce only the best quality of flavours. 

Our Company slogan…

‘Creating a World of Taste Sensations’

Our Slogan is a true testament to the passion and dedication our team work towards every day, no matter the challenge or task given we deliver on creativity and quality.

Many years ago, Aromatech supplied the snack world with the a unique flavour called Scampi and Lemon which was based on a Nak Chip called ‘Kreols’ if you don’t remember it… ask your parents it was unforgettable. This flavour put us on the map and showed that we are a real contender in the flavour industry.

What We Offer

  • Provide Product Development for all food related projects
  • Manufacturing of product on site, lead times 3 – 5 working days local and 5 – 6 weeks international
  • Food Colours
  • Oleoresins


S.A.N.H.A (HALAAL Establishment)


PAIA: Aromatech PAIA Manual and Forms