Our Flavours

Savoury Food Flavouring

Here at Aromatech we have an extensive range of ‘baseline flavours’ that most of the Industry use in their savoury and sweet applications, but we are also able to develop unique flavours to suit any requests.  All flavours are either provided in Powder or liquid form; this being dependent on the clients application.

All food flavours purchased go through extensive testing in our laboratories by our qualified Food Tech Team.  The flavours we use are either nature identical or artificial which is reliant on the customers requirements. The flavour formulations are edible and use food grade chemicals as well concentrated oils, extracts and spices. We offer each customer a unique flavor whereby we do not duplicate or share formulations, this allows our customers to be very competitive in the market.

Confectionary Food Flavouring

Aromatech has been in partnership for many years, with some of the finest flavour houses in the world, we are currently affiliated to a prestigious flavour house in the South of France.

We offer flavours for Dairy, Beverages, Energy Drinks and baking aids (Essences) and any other product design you can come up with, our confectionary and sweet flavours can be offered in both powder or liquid form depending on the application.

Our dedicated Team of R&D specialists are constantly using their inventiveness to create new flavour profiles for the ever growing trends.

Here at Aromatech we formulate and research custom flavours for our customers ensuring that each customer has their own unique flavour.